E-Rate is a federal program that provides discounts to schools and libraries to obtain affordable Wi-Fi, internet access, and telecommunications services throughout the country.  Applications are filed online and tracked through the various phases of the program. Our over 600 clients are schools and libraries nationwide. Furthermore, we hold contracts with both the Indiana Department of Education and the Indiana State Library assisting in the filing of E-Rate applications. The E-Rate portion of the business is performed by our 17 E-Rate Consultants. Contact with our clients, schools and libraries, is handled through visits to the client sites and telecommunications. AdTec has been assisting schools and libraries in the E-Rate program since its inception in 1998. We handle the complex, tedious work of E-Rate filing so you don’t have to!

Our services include:
  • Forms Preparation and Submission (Forms 470/471/486/472/474/500)
  • Discount Rate Analysis and Optimization
  • Bid and Procurement Process Compliance
  • Program Integrity Assurance Responses
  • Payment Quality Assurance (PQA) Responses
  • Selective Review, Audit Preparation, and Representation
  • SPIN change and service substitution requests
  • Submission of Appeals
  • Children’s Internet Protection Act compliance
  • Records Retention and Management

Capital Assets

The Capital Assets Inventory is conducted on-site in Indiana by the Indiana offices of AdTec.  This inventory work satisfies requirements by the Indiana State Board of Accounts for identification, recording, and control of assets using Capital Asset Ledger Form 369. Each school corporation sets its own threshold amount, and the content of the report includes Land, Buildings, Improvements, Machinery and Equipment, and Construction in Progress. Bar codes are used to identify and record items. “Additions” and “Retirements” are also included in the final report. These inventories are taken at least every two years or more often as determined by the school corporation. AdTec currently has approximately forty Capital Asset Inventory clients.